Monday, March 17, 2014



Assalamu'alaikum wbt... Salam Ceria & Salam Bahagia! (^___^)

Hai U'olllsss!!! Long time no see and write in this blog.. Quite busy with life.. hehe.. About 2 years I'm not writing here. Hurmmm.. But today I just want to share a story about me.. Now, I am working girl since September 2012.. Already graduate from University Malaysia Pahang on October 2012.. 

The feeling as a working person & as a student is not the same anymore.. I'm trying to remember back when I am a student, that I always want go to work quickly. I think maybe that time I have a lot assignments to do. haha.. Now, the dream is come true. I'm a working girl.. New thing to learn and to do.. From an engineering student then jump into IT company. Nice! Just grab the opportunity offered to me.. And about a year ++ with Crespro Technologies Sdn Bhd as a permanent staff.. Before this, as a contract staff at Xbeam Sdn Bhd.. So unexpectedly, I got the offer from Crespro Technologies on the last day contract at Xbeam. Alhamdulillah.. Rezeki dari Allah Taala.. So many thing I got here and still learn to improve my skills. Besides, I also involved with a few community to help others to know & learn about Islam.. "Islam is The Way of Life". By involved with this community, help & lead me a lot to focus on the mission we live in this world; Strive for Mardhatillah! 

Last but not least, hope I can share more about life here.. C U soon! =D