Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reading Entry *3 2009


I would like to share about the hot news that happen on this week. It is about the Malaysian's readies for new Prime Minister promising reform.

The article mention about the Malaysian Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that he will announce his resignation on April 2 and his Deputy Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Abdul Razak will become the sixth Malaysian Prime Minister to take over the country's leadership next week.

So, we will have the new Prime Minister. Dato' Seri Najib wants to make sure the party rules the country must be one that is strong and if possible, free of corruption and abuse of power.

I am very happy to hear his vision while the time to take over the country's leadership is coming soon. It makes me feel secure and I hope he will do the best and take a good responsibilities to rule the country.

A Good Leader Is A Person Who Has A Good Attitudes and Can Be A Role Model To Others. We have the powers to choose the best one. Think before you act.

"Don't You Ever Think That To Be A Leader Is So Easy & Simple"



Here I want to remind myself first and to all of the readers that we live in this world just for a while. So, we must appreciated what we have in life now and must increase our daily kindness. There are so many verses of the Quran that contain the command and encouragement to repent, and the statement that God loves those who turn unto Him in sincere repentance.

However, if the sin we do is between man and man, there is another condition to be met which are one has to seek forgiveness from the person one has wronged and to repay whatever his or her due is. So, we must realize that every Muslim is taught to ins­tantly repent from all sins, mortal or venial.

"Do not do the same mistakes" (",)



Do you want to know? Here I want to tell you that discipline is not about how we give some physical punishments and scolding others. But it is about solving problems without violence and learn to negotiate or offer exchanges to solve the problems.

Humiliation and punishment will only worsen the situation and make it harder. So, we can practice this kind of method in our real life without fighting or hurting others.


----- Afraid of Rejection -----

Good Evening everybody!

At this moment, I would like to tell you about ‘Afraid of Rejection’. I think all of us had this feeling, right? Feel afraid of rejection is one of the parts that will sometimes occurs in ourselves. It is happens when we want ourselves is accepted by others and we do not want to reject by others. Such as, when we give some advices or opinions, we want they accept it even we know that things must be consider first before being accepted. That’s why sometimes some people do not have any suggestion to give when attend the meeting. So, I want we change our mind for being afraid of rejection by others. It is the same thing when we want to have anything in our life.

"Brave Yourself"




Holiday with family can give us more time to spend with. As a student or as a worker we must spend some times for our family to make sure our relationship is always going well even when we live far away from them. Even though, we also have another initiative if we want to spend time together when we are far away from them such as we can make a call or connecting by email. Nowadays, the technology is so great and useful to us. It depends on how we use it to do the right things. So, try to manage our daily time correctly. Then, we can have happy and happiness family in our life.


Reading Entry *2 2009


Here I would like to share about "MOTHER'S DAY". Most of us who still have a mother, I am very sure always appreciate and love mothers. People basically called their mother such as Mom, Mommy, Moms, Mum, Ummi, Mak and many more. What name we called our mother not the point here but the important things are how we appreciate our mother in each moments of our life until now.

Mother's Day has long been celebrated as a day to honor one's mother. It is important for each of us to take the time to celebrate and thank our mothers for all that they do.

But did you know that originally, way back in 1870, Mother's Day was envisioned as a time for women to come together and unite for peace? When we discovered this, it became clear that the time was perfect to put together a piece highlighting Julia Ward Howe's original and inspirational Mother's Day proclamation, which declared, "We, the women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs."

We are all grateful to our mothers for the long hours they have spent teaching, loving, laughing and crying with us. Although this proclamation was written over 130 years ago, the human emotions and concerns of mothers have not changed when it comes to protecting their children.

Mother, you are a very special person to us. We want to let you know that you are very important in our life and we will always loving you even you are not with us anymore.

"Love You Always, My Lovely Mother"



Today, I love to share about the friendship from the articles that I have read before. This is because friendship is very important to me and I guess also important to you. Am I right?

First of all,
What does friendship mean? Friendship is usually surrounded by positive words like loyalty, forever, and comfort. These are generally the most common elements people think of in any exploration of friendship. Friendship can certainly contain these attributes, but upon closer analysis it also includes a more complex array of other elements as well.

A more sophisticated and refined definition of friendship would include not only a portrait of its enduring, permanent (meaning), but also of its likelihood and compassion as well. A more comprehensive picture of friendship is important if we are to properly estimate the value it holds for us as human beings.

Friendships we can be involved in are the most important kind of relationships. One of the reasons is that we can choose our own friends, unlike our families. But what kind of friends we choose, depends solely on our characters. Friendships bring out the best in us, and a man without friends could never find out the best in him. A true person would never choose to live without friends even if he had all the other commodities of life. So, we must be a good friend first if we want to have a best friend in our life.

"Gives & Takes."


#--- Confidence in Yourself ---#

Hello...This time I would like to comments about the confidence. Are you a confidence person? Am I? Are we? I think this question almost of the time in our mind especially when we want to present ourselves in front of other peoples such as when we want to make a presentation or confidence to make any decisions and many more. Possessing a healthy self-esteem and confidence in ourselves is key for a happy life. We make better and more informed decisions when we feel confident in ourselves.

Have you ever noticed someone walk into a room or restraunt and literally feel the confidence they exude? They walk with their head up, good posture and make eye contact with people they interact with. It is not about being the most-attractive, thin or rich person. Confidence comes from our perception of ourselves and what we have to offer others.

Here are some steps to gain more confidence in yourself:

* Positive self-talk.
* Keep a mental or written list of positive things in your life.
* Remove yourself from abusive people
* Never allow another person's negative comment or rejection to bring you down.
* Take care of your hair and body.
* Wear clothes that enhance your physique.
* Keep your word.
* Give everything you do 100%.
* Try to limit the words hate, never and always.
* Don't be defensive.
* Make your actions speak louder than words and watch what happens.
* Give yourself a break, we tend to be harder on ourselves than anyone else.
* Remember life will always have ups and downs, but how we handle them separates the victors from the victims.

That's all. Thanks for reads my comments.



Hi Friends!!! Feel worried for the becoming exam? Here I want to give some tips that we can use to prepare ourselves especially for becoming final examination which I conclude it from the articles I read to make sure we success in our exam.

The most important thing any student can do to prepare for exam is to start early. The days of studying for an exam on the bus going to school are over. Even if you got A's this way, it's not going to work very often with college/university material. College/university courses required far more effort such as :

* Start preparing for the next test the day after you take the prior one. Daily preparation is crucial. At a minimum, review material once every week between exams.

* How much time is needed? The classic question. Some recommend 2-3 hours outside of class for every hour of class time. In some cases homework problems will require this much effort. For a straightforward lecture course try the following :

* Every day before class, preview the material for 15-20 minutes.
* Attend every lecture. Seems simple but it's the biggest misteak students make.
* Take good notes. Learn how.
* Spend another 20-30 minutes after class going over the notes.
* Use this time to get any confusing points cleared up in your head; much better now than later. This will make later exam prep. MUCH easier.
* Once a week, review the material to get a more complete overview of the information.

For all of the tips above, we need to implement it in our preparation for any examination. Please do not take it too easy. It is because we need to take it seriously to make sure we are not regret it later if we failed in that exam. I want to remind myself especially and all of my beloved friend, the examination is just around of the corner. Please do not waste your time with those things that are not important if you want to have a brighter and happiness life.

"Good Luck for your examination!" =)


*Prevent The Children From Choking*

This time, I want to share about choking that always happen to the children. Nowadays, most of the parents is working and their children will take care by others person. This situation make the children barre to choking them selves.

For small children, even the most seemingly harmless objects can pose a choking threat. So, as a person who is responsible to take care of them we must always beware to watch over them and do not let them alone.

The U.S. National Safety Council offers these suggestions to reduce youngsters' risk of choking:

* Never allow a baby or young child to play with a toy that has a cord or string attached.
* Don't feed your baby foods that could get stuck in the throat, such as bites of hot dogs, hard candy, uncooked vegetables, nuts, raisins, fruits or vegetables with pits, popcorn or grapes.
* Never allow your child to eat while lying down.
* Keep anything that can fit in your child's mouth out of reach, including coins, batteries, jewelry, nails or thumbtacks.

From the suggestion above I hope all of us will take a good responsibility on the children we care about. The children choking become as important as our life because the children always need our care on them. Do not be a selfish person but you must be a caring person to others.


# The Importance of Reading #

Hello Friends! Today, I would like to write about reading. On many of the other pages of advice, I have emphasized how important reading is as far as learning English is concerned.

However, there is a further, very important reason why students should try to develop their reading skills such as educational researchers have found that there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success. In other words, a student who is a good reader is more likely to do well in school and pass exams than a student who is a weak reader.

So, if you want your child to be successful at school encourage him or her to read. Reading non-fiction in English is probably the most important, but English fiction and any reading in the mother tongue. If done extensively, you will help your child develop the reading competence that is essential for academic achievement.

Let us have the new hobby in our daily life such as reading. There are so many information we can get when we read books or others. Try to be like book worms and you will not regret it at all.

"Reads and You Will Know"


Reading Entry *1 2009

How To Gain Control Of Emotions

Most of people lets the emotions control their selves. As we know that the emotions are reflections of individual needs. People will be emotions when they feel sad, angry, stress, and others. From this situation, they will express their emotions and we can see it through their face. So, its important for us to control of emotions. Some of the steps are change the cause of emotion, recognize and identify that emotion, re-think your attitudes circumstances, choose the right time and the right place to express your emotion, Cultivate mindfulness, and stay calm. All of the steps above must be applied in our life because if we are controlled by the emotions, they will be some of caused such as we will ignore by our friend and no ones feel comfortable to be friend with us. Besides, it also can make us lost a smile and most of the time in emotions moods. So, let us change our selves to be a better person.

~Nadhrah Binti Azmi~

A good attitude is an asset in personal and professional life.

What is 'attitude'?

I think most of us know about it but few of us do not know how to implements it in our social life even at home, school, college, class, public or every where we were exist. A good attitudes is like you brighten other people's day but bad attitudes may be alienating colleagues at work and even your friends, may be costing a promotion or appointment to a new position and many others thing. Some peoples said that a good attitude is sometimes a more important consideration than skills because we can train our skills but it's difficult to work a bad attitudes. Attitude has a lot to do with our interpersonal communications, self-esteem and perceptions of others and theirs of us. It is because attitudes play an important role in shaping the work environment.

So how to adjust our attitude toward the positive and maintain that attitude?

~ Listen to our selves talk and listen to the voice within.

So, we must :

* Determine our involvement.
* Seek to understand the other person.
* Try to influence the individual’s attitude by acknowledging the behavior that bothers us and discussing it with the person.
* Resolve the problem through mutually defined solutions.
* Regain our positive attitude.

We are the person whose control our good and bad attitude. So, we must try to have a good attitudes if we want to feel better every day without any regret.

~Nadhrah Binti Azmi~


The Israeli war on Gaza and the massacre of innocent Palestinian women and children is a crime against humanity and all of that we can do is boycott their products.

Boycott is one of powerful weapon that is if utilized collectively can accomplish far greater positive change than marches, protests and demonstrations. The weapon is the boycott of well targeted products such as Coca-cola,Intel,Disney,Nestle,Nokia,
Mcdonald,Starbucks and many more. This is one of our effort for helping people at Gaza besides the donation for them we were given. Let us make a move now to extend our support to all of our brothers & sisters including children who died in Gaza and save our Muslim people before its too late.

~Nadhrah Binti Azmi~

Why do some mothers abandon their children?

Today, I want to share about the abandon children. From the articles I read before, it seems that so many children was abandon by his mother. The story made me felt upset to those people who not have any feeling when abandon their children.

The problem of abandoned children is not new. In the modern world, more than 60 million children and infants have been abandoned by their families and live on their own or in orphanages. This situation make those children have lack of loving, caring, happiness and others in their life. There are some reason that caused the abandon children which are include the family breakdown, irresponsible fatherhood, premature motherhood, illegitimate birth, or the death of both parents.

So, we must appreciated what we have in life and try not to hurt the feelings and broke the trustworthy of our family, friends, and to those whom we related with.

~Nadhrah Binti Azmi~